A Better, Faster, Cheaper Path to a US Green Card.  Why the EB-1(C) is Superior to the EB-5.


55% of Affluent Chinese Families Desire US Permanent Residency. 



  • Quality of the US educational system

  • Environmental quality of life

  • High food safety standards

  • Access to superior health care

  • Market economy based on rule of law and robust constitutional protections

  • Investment portfolio diversification


EB-1 (C), Multinational Manager or Executive, In a Nutshell:


1) Ownership and Control of a Foreign Business (China or other),

2) Employment as an Executive or Manager for 1 Continuous Year within Past 3 Years with the Foreign Business,

3) Ownership and Control of a US Business and Employment as an Executive or Manager.

Comparison of EB-5 to EB-1(C)















Limitations to EB-1(C):

  • Only available to business owners (only 50% of affluent Chinese own a business).

  • As the popularity of the EB-1(C) grows, the time to obtain a green card will increase (this will occur over several years, but moving quickly is important)

  • Few players provide the complete suite of services that EWP does. Immigration, Tax, Trust Structuring, and Outbound Direct Investment Approvals.  Operating from law offices in the both the US and China we are able to serve our clients 24 x 7. 


For Additional Information:

For Inquiries From Within China Contact:    Michael Crotty, WeChat ID: michaeljcrotty1 or email: mcrotty@mktassociates.com

For Inquiries Worldwide Contact:    Steve Albert, WeChat ID: stevedalbert or email: stevedalbert@eastwestpath.com

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