Our Process

Our Three Step Process


We assess each family's lifestyle goals.  We then present options to invest, and participate as a manager or executive, in a qualifying US business that meets their immigration objectives. 

Step One: Assess the Family's Goals and Propose a Plan for a Qualifying US Business 

Where does each family member want to work, go to school and spend their leisure time?  What are the family's financial, business and life style-objectives?  How much time does each family member want to spend in the US?  How soon do they want to be in the US?  Once EWP is engaged, we design and present a plan to establish a US business that meets the family's lifestyle goals and objectives.  We also consult with their outside counsel, legal, financial and tax advisors to make sure the plan is consistent with their overall goals.

Step Two: Document the Plan, Review and Execute The Documents Necessary to Invest in a Business

Should the family wish to move forward, we then create the formal business plan, legal structure and documents necessary to achieve their immigration objectives.   The plan, its structure and legal documentation are reviewed with the family's outside counsel, legal, financial and tax advisors - before any investment is made.

Step Three: The Business is Funded and Visas Are Filed 

Finally, we manage the lawful transfer of funds from the PRC (RMB) to the US (Dollars) that are necessary to fund the business.  We then start and staff the business, and ensure all necessary visa applications are filed.  Our role is to oversee the entire process, protect the client's investment, execute the family's visa strategy and see that their investment is returned to them as expected.