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East West Path, Limited (EWP) designs paths for high net worth Chinese families to work, play, vacation, attend school, invest, and live-in the US by obtaining US permanent residency (Green Cards). We help families utilize the EB-1(C) multinational executive or manager category to accomplish their objectives. We are China's most experienced EB-1(C) provider.


We help Chinese families start and operate businesses in the US that utilize a family member's executive or management skills.  Normally families can relocate to the US within 90 days of EWP's engagement.  Based on current processing times, a family's green cards are expected to be received within 48 months. 

Our EB-1(C) visa strategy requires:

  • That a family owns a business located outside of the US (China or elsewhere)

  • That a family member (the visa beneficiary) has worked for at least one continuous year, as a manager or executive, for the business located outside the US

  • That the family has established, invests-in, starts, purchases or acquires a business in the US and 

  • That a family member (the visa beneficiary) works and is present in the US (as needed) to fulfill a managerial or executive role with the US business.


Our Services:  We help families think through their options and put all of the pieces together.  We provide them with experienced business, immigration and tax counsel. We supply a strong US partner that manages the business’ start-up, hires staff, supervises its on-going operation, protects the family’s investment, participates in monthly financial reviews and supports the primary beneficiary’s position as a manager or executive in the business.  

How Much Does it Cost?  It Depends.....

The required investment in a US business is usually about $500,000 (RMB 3,500,000). Investment levels vary based on the type and location of the US business and its expected risk and return.

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Steve Albert

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