Is US Permanent Residency or

Citizenship a Family Priority?


What do you plan on doing after graduation?  Where do you want to work and live?  Where do you want to raise your future family?  Where do you want your kids to go to school?

We help students and their families establish long-term US permanent residency plans.  We use a proven, process-driven approach that is faster than any alternative.

FAQ: Why do we initiate conversations with Chinese students studying in the US? 

Several reasons:

  • Students tend to know whether permanent residency is a personal or family goal.  And how much of a priority it is?  We tend to work best with highly motivated families.

  • Students often understand their family’s business, financial situation and individual members’ business and management skill sets.  All of our plans depend upon a family operating a business in the US and one additional country.

  • Students tend to be familiar with their own F and J visa status (including options for curricular and practical training) - and the limitations to their status.  Including the difficulty of obtaining an H-1B or an employment based green card sponsor.

  • Students can help us determine whether US permanent residency is “right” for their family and worth the investment in time, energy and capital that our program requires and if so -- introduce us to their parents quickly .